The future of keyboards has arrived thanks to Keyless PRO

Turn any surface into a keyboard Project from your smart device ease

Since carrying a laptop is not always ideal, many people turn to the ultimate comfort solution that makes work mobile. All you need is a flat surface and you can write faster with additional features to make it even easier.

Keyless PRO has become the most important device in your pocket for many travelers and only for those who need to work while traveling. Easy to use and reliable, many see it as the future of keyboards. More details

The world’s most convenient wireless phone charger has arrived!

  • Universal wireless fast charge 10 W for
  • All Android and iOS devices and all Qi
  • Compatible devices

When you are at home and have to walk to the charger, you will often find that your charging cable stops working out of nowhere. You may have tried to flip it over or play with the cable yourself, but it makes no sense, the cable is dead.

As a result, you have to fight for another, which may require you to leave the house to buy another. One thing that won’t disappoint you this way is a wireless charger, and there’s nothing like Winergy.

For super-fast charging time and convenient wireless charging, this is a fantastic and indispensable device if you are lucky enough to have a compatible device. More details

A top smartwatch that is turning heads and making life simple

  • Pleasure in a smartwatch that
  • Xwatch looks great and has one
  • Abundance of functions

Networked watches have come a long way since the beginning where some cool features were all they could offer. Now every smartwatch has the basics, but some are better than others.

Take the example of the XWatch. It has all the usual features you would expect from such a product, but it doesn’t end there. Not only does it connect to your phone so you can make calls and check messages, but it can also monitor your health and do a lot more. More details…

No more squinting on the screen of your phone thanks to the HD duplication of TVShareMax

transfer your phone’s content onto a big-screen TV with the instant wireless streaming device.

Whether you live alone or share with friends or family, it’s annoying, to say the least, having to show someone a YouTube video or Netflix episode on your phone. Fortunately, technology has saved your eyes and made streaming content from your phone more enjoyable.

TVShareMax is one of these innovative devices that make your life easier. So if you try to watch the big game or use your phone during a meeting, you can impressively share your smartphone. More details.

To alleviate neck pain at home, NeckMassager is a must-have

No more pain relief or
pay for the expensive treatment. Get one
Elite massage whenever you want.

Sometimes, after a long day of work, the pain causes chaos. This can have a lasting impact on your mental and physical well-being. Some people’s neck pain gets worse until it seems difficult to get out of bed.

Now some devices can make everyday life more comfortable and can be used at home. With the latest technology, this NeckMassager lies around your neck and offers a high-quality massage that has never been possible before. More Details

It has arrived! Now you can use the latest technology in sound to impress your friends.

Any surface can be used as a speaker with this eye-catching product

SpatialSound Edge is a practical and compact product that uses advanced technology that turns any surface into a speaker.

As it grows in popularity, it offers a surround sound experience and can be used on different devices in all situations. More details

Never lose your photos and videos again with this

A new one-click solution to save yours precious moments from a cell phone Device instantly and quickly

A one-click backup solution that can keep all of these valuable images and files safe when the cloud couldn’t provide a bulletproof solution. Every family experienced this dreaded moment when email access was blocked or their phone was lost or stolen.

These problems can be avoided with MemorySafeX. It resolves all security concerns and since nobody wants to spend years loading their images onto a storage device and sorting them in the correct order. More details



456/5000Immerse yourself in the impressive 5.7-inch screen. Without wasting space, the slim front panel guarantees you a comprehensive multimedia experience. A resolution of 720HD + means that you always have quality in your hand.

The Xone phone has a soft look that attracts attention due to its slippery surface and pleasant texture. It feels good in the hand and looks even better. More details

The Amazing HomePolice24

Is The Door Sensor Your Home Needs, Making It A Safer Place

HomePolice24 uses the latest technology to provide additional security. Security at home is never guaranteed for break-ins and break-ins. However, you can take measures to protect your home and prevent unwanted people. HomePolice24 is a product that can really make a difference and help you stay calm.

Theft can lead to more than lost values. This can have a permanent psychological effect that leaves scars on the victim. If you have previously suffered theft, you must ensure that you have taken the appropriate measures to prevent it from happening again. Modern technology helps many households and makes them safer. More details

The Brilliant MoskiX Band

Is The Leading Insect Repellent Band

MoskiX Band is no longer itchy and no longer worries about infections, the most effective mosquito repellent on the market. It keeps unwanted parasites away.

No matter if you are on vacation or need something in the summer months, nobody likes insect food. These irritating mosquitoes don’t care who they bite and leave an itchy area that can become infected.

The best way to avoid the risk of a serious health problem is to avoid a bite first. There are many mosquito repellents on the market, but most of them are not reliable. Thanks to MoskiX Band, there is now a product you can trust.


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