What are the best places to travel in the world? The answer is difficult to answer, but the ‘Oscar of Tourism’ (the World Travel Awards) makes it easier for us: we bring you the best countries, cities, hotels and tourist destinations in the World of 2018 … To travel and discover in 2019. This is the ‘Top 30’ of world tourism.

1. Best Destination in the World to travel: Portugal

Neither Brazil, nor Greece, nor Morocco, nor the United States; not even Spain has been able to with the Portuguese country … Portugal repeats in 2018, for the second consecutive year, as the best destination in the world to travel. The World Travel Awards passed judgment and elected the neighboring country as the world’s first tourist destination. Portugal is also the big winner of the World Travel Awards. And it has triumphed in other categories such as Best Island to travel ( Madeira ), Best City and Best City for a Getaway (double recognition for Lisbon) or Best Design Hotel (The Vine Hotel, Funchal). Portugal begins to dictate the norm and, today, it is a first-line tourist destination.

2. Best city in the world to travel: Lisbon (Portugal)

As we said, Lisbon is the city chosen by the Oscars of Tourism as the Best City in the world to visit in 2018. And, like Portugal, it repeats the award concerning 2017. The Lisbon candidate was imposed on cities such as St. Petersburg, London or Paris. And it is that the charms of the Portuguese capital are almost infinite: from the pasteis of Belem to the Sé, the Cathedral of Lisbon … One of the best places to get lost in its streets.

3. Best Hotel in the World: Armani Hotel Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Since its opening, the Armani Hotel in Dubai has only monopolized awards … Last year it was already distinguished as the Best Design Hotel in the world, but in 2018 it takes another step. The reasons to be chosen as the best hotel in the world are more than obvious. The hotel is located in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai, occupying its first 39 floors. Its 160 rooms and suites have their entrance and have been designed and decorated by Giorgio Armani himself. They have up to 190 m², with a spacious lounge, stunning views, king-size beds, butler service… Also, inside the hotel, you will find the exclusive Armani Privé nightclub, seven remarkable luxury restaurants and an Armani Spa. Pure luxury for more than overflowing pockets: a night here does not fall below € 500 …

4. Best Tourist Attraction in the World: Machu Picchu (Peru)

As in 2017, Machu Picchu is the most desired Tourist Attraction in the world. Who was going to think about it when this citadel at the foot of the Andes was abandoned in the middle of the 16th century… In 2017 it was visited by more than 1.4 million visitors and on TripAdvisor, it is one of the best-rated monuments: 91% of visitors They rated it as Excellent. Unesco World Heritage Site since 1983, today its greatest threat comes precisely from its recognition. And it is that the Peruvian authorities have had to limit the access of tourists to Machu Picchu. Still, it is one of the best places in the world to visit.

5. Best Beach Destination in the World: Jamaica

Above Cancun, the Algarve, the Greek beaches or the Maldives … Jamaica is the Best Beach Destination in the world this year. The Oscars of Tourism recognized the variety of activities and the quality of Jamaican sand. For example, the 11 kilometers of the endless Seven Mile Beach, the postcard landscapes of Frenchman’s Cove Beach, the Little Ochie beach where it is possible to taste lobster and fresh fish … We are curious to discover one of the pearls of the Caribbean.

6. Best Island in the World to travel: Madeira (Portugal)

As in 2017, Madeira is the Best Island to Travel in 2018. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira has located about 850 km. from Lisbon, so it has its peculiarity. A must visit the cliffs of Cabo Girão and Ponta de São Lourenço and the town of Santana. And, of course, stroll and marvel at the historic center of its capital, Funchal.

7. Best City for a Getaway: Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisbon is well worth a break. The Portuguese capital has left in these World Travel Awards 2018 and, in addition to being crowned as Best City to visit in 2018, it has also won the award in the City-break category (Escapada). An award that already won in 2017, confirming Lisbon as the city you should know (or repeat if you already know it) this 2019: the cathedral, the cream pastels of Belém, its tram, the impressive Jeronimos Monastery, the Elevador de Santa Justa, the mouth of the Tagus … You may need more than a weekend to get to know it.

8. Best Cultural Destination in the World: Peru

Something will have to do that Machu Picchu is the main tourist attraction in the world… Peru was chosen as the Best Cultural Destination in the world in 2018, thanks to its many attractions. For example, his kitchen (which also won a prize). And it is that Peru has decided to fight the gastro-cultural battle and does not stop accumulating awards year after year. One of the best places in the world to visit if you are one of those looking for a place full of history, culture and charm.

9. Best Cultural City in the World: St. Petersburg (Russia)

Another repeating prize. St. Petersburg is Oscar for Tourism for Best Cultural City to visit in 2018. The number of museums in the ancient capital of the Tsars is endless: up to 250 adds St. Petersburg. Of course, its most considerable charm is the Hermitage Museum, which extends over six locations to each one more essential: the Winter Palace, the Theater or the Menshikov Palace, among others. The city of the Neva River is almost fantasy. Also, Russia is part of the list of places with the best winter landscapes.

10. Best Gastronomic Destination in the World: Peru

The rich and varied Peruvian gastronomy has made the Andean country the Best Gastronomic Destination in the world… For the seventh consecutive year! It should be remembered that two Peruvian restaurants are ranked among the ten best (6th, Central and 7th, Maido) according to the list of The 50 Best Restaurants in the World. The biodiversity that Peru enjoys is, without a doubt, one of its differentiating elements: potato, sweet potato, yucca, pumpkin, elder, quinoa, peanut, corn, tomato, beans … All of them are native to Peru. And in the country, they have been able to take advantage of it, with recipes that range from the pre-Columbian to the colonial, through the current golden age of Peruvian cuisine. Deserved.

11. Best Adventure Destination in the World: Chile

Without a doubt, Chile is the best place for an adventure. And it is that its complicated orography is an advantage to feel an Indiana Jones of the 21st century: the Atacama desert, the Easter and Robinson Crusoe islands, Patagonia, the Moon Valley, the glaciers … One of the best places in the world to live a different experience.

12. Best Cruise Destination in the World: Jamaica

Being part of a luxury cruise is the closest thing to feeling like a king … And if our destination is Jamaica, then even better. The Caribbean country is the new mecca of cruise tourism (not surprisingly, it is also the Best Beach Destination in the world). The big shipping companies (and even the most expensive ones) have Jamaica as their favourite destination. Its capital, Montego Bay, does not stop receiving cruises of all sizes. The attractions of the island do the rest: it is the right magnet for tourism.

13. Best Wedding Destination: Bahamas

If you are looking for a heavenly place to get married in 2019, it is clear, and your destination should be the Bahamas Islands … A portion of paradise in the Caribbean Sea with all the comforts and luxuries at your fingertips. A stone’s throw from Florida (USA), the Bahamas Islands have more than 300 hotels to accommodate your guests in a simply stunning setting. Regularly more and more couples come to get married here. Of course, prepare the chequebook…

14. Best Honeymoon Destination: Maldives Islands

Forget the phone, walk along white and fine beach sands, turquoise blue sea, luxury hotels on the water … All that offers the Maldives. One of those places where you have to go once in a lifetime. Perfect for a honeymoon, so it is normal for the Tourism Oscars to have recognized the Maldives as the ideal place for honeymooners. You will not regret it.

15. Best Dive Destination: Maldives Islands

And since we are in the Maldives, why not enjoy its natural charms? For the second consecutive year, this heavenly place has been chosen as the Best Dive Destination in the world. And it is that more than half of its visitors do it to dive and discover its amazing seabed. A natural paradise that is the perfect place for a baptism of diving.

16. Best Safaris Destination: Kenya

Best Safaris Destination in 2013, 2015 and 2016 and 2017 … It was clear that Kenya was the favorite country to win the Oscar for Tourism in 2018. Well said and done. It is mandatory to visit the Tsavo National Park, with almost 21,000 square kilometers (one of the largest in Africa) and all kinds of wild animals waiting to be discovered while traveling in a rover: elephants, zebras, hippos, buffalo, giraffes, lions …

17. Best Eco Destination: Ecuador

Ecuador has opted for sustainable and ecological tourism and, since 2013, it is the Best Green Destination in the world. Its natural charms have no end: from the incomparable beauty of the Galapagos Islands to the almost inaccessible Ecuadorian Andes and its impenetrable Amazon rainforest. A small country that is committed to quality tourism and respectful of the environment.

18. Best Destination for Fairs and Events: Cape Town (South Africa)

Fairs, events and congresses… After the 2008 World Cup, the hotel offer in Cape Town has proved to be more than adequate to host all kinds of meetings at the highest level. It is the destination of 2018 for business meetings. It may not be prevalent concerning other cities, but the South African city has bet heavily on this type of tourism, and surely, one day, you will have to travel this unique city.

19. Best Retreat: Lake Kora, New York (USA)

Close to the great lakes of the United States and Canada, about six hours by car from New York is Lake Raquette. An exclusive oasis of peace where you find the best place in the world for a retreat: the cabins of the Lake Kora hotel. Each one, at the foot of Lake Raquette, has its jetty, to navigate by kayak and forget everything … It is also located in the Adirondack Park. Inside it is possible to spot coyotes, elk and even black bears. Nature in its purest form.

20. Best Resort in the World: Forte Village Resort, Sardinia (Italy)

Another resort in the Caribbean? From his photos, it seems, but in reality, the Forte Village Resort is located in… Sardinia. This complex is established every year, with ease among the best hotels in the world. In fact, since 1998 he has been continuously winning the Oscar of Tourism for Best Resort in the World… A place where it is most common to find a movie star on its beaches while enjoying a cocktail. Exclusivity at the highest level.

21. Best Reserve: Shambala Private Reserve (South Africa)

The Tourism Oscars have once again recognized this prestigious reserve, Shambala Private Reserve, as the best place to start a safari. Their huts do not live up to their name: pure luxury with all the comforts and luxuries at your fingertips, from butler service to private chef … While you see a group of gazelles cooling in the river through the window. This is real life.

22. Best Private Island: Thanda Island (Tanzania)

From 10,000 euros a night, you can book the Best Private Island in the World: Thanda, on the coast of Tanzania. More than a luxury, a whim where the majestic is the norm. It does not come cheap, but discretion is more than assured …

23. Best Luxury Resort on a Private Island: Cheval Blanc Randheli, (Maldives Islands)

A place where everything is possible. This luxury resort, located in the Maldives, is owned by the LVMH group and has been designed by renowned architect Jean-Michel Gathy. In total, this resort has 44 villas of the most exclusive, with some so hidden and mysterious that we will not even know the identity of our (surely) famous neighbors. And it is rare when a millionaire is not staying here. Receive a message on the beach, enjoy a water excursion or eat at Cheval Blanc Randheli

24. Best Palace Hotel: San Clemente Palace, Venice (Italy)

Beautiful Italy is imposed in the prestigious category of Best Hotel Palacio del Mundo in 2018 with the impressive Palacio San Clemente. Located on the private island of the same name, in the Venetian bay, this palace built on a 12th-century church has several attractions … One of them is to cross the waters of Venice in the private boat that the hotel offers its guests to leave them in the Plaza de San Marcos in just 10 minutes. It’s like being in Venice but without being: privacy and intimacy are the maxims of San Clemente. Not surprisingly before it was a monastery …

25. Best Design Hotel: The Vine Hotel, Funchal (Portugal)

The Vine Hotel, designed by architect Ricardo Bofill and decorated inside by Nini Andrade Silva, won the Best Design Hotel award in 2018. Located in Funchal (Madeira, Portugal), this hotel is themed around the wine, with colors and textures that, at times, will remind us of a wine cellar, a bottle or a vineyard … Of course, there could be a wine therapy spa, as well as an infinity rooftop pool. Not to mention its private rooms, with all the comforts and attention of a 5-star hotel.

26. Best Boutique Hotel: Saxon Hotel Villas and Spa, Johannesburg (South Africa)

What better way to relax after a safari at the impressive Saxon Hotel Villas and Spa? The Best Boutique Hotel of 2018 (repeat award) is a wonder nestled in the heart of Johannesburg (South Africa). Its African-safari-style decoration will delight the most demanding, in addition to the services it offers. Luxury everywhere that will impress any visitor.

27. Best Lifestyle Hotel: Indigo Hotel Lower East Side, New York (USA)

As always, New York still has something to say about traveling. The Indigo Hotel Lower East Side is the best example that the Big Apple still has something different to offer on each visit. Its pool on the terrace, with incomparable views of the city, is just one of its many attractions. And that is to say.

28. Best Hotel-Casino: Galaxy Macau (Macau)

Waiting for the world’s most expensive hotel to officially open its doors, in Macao, we have other extravagances such as the dazzling Hotel-Casino Galaxy Macau. An impressive mole in gold and white that has risen as the best hotel with a casino in the world in 2018. The lax gaming legislation in Macau does the rest: it is the new Las Vegas and mecca of luxury tourism. All to win at roulette.

29. Best Ice Hotel: Arctic SnowHotel (Finland)

Seeing the northern lights from an ice bed is not possible every day … but the Arctic SnowHotel in Finland offers us that possibility and many others. The Best Ice Hotel in the World is not suitable for chillies, but still, they assure us, you will not be cold inside. It is hard to believe seeing the images …

30. Best Shopping Center: The Dubai Mall, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

For the third consecutive year, The Dubai Mall has become the Best Shopping Center in the world according to the Tourism Oscars. A mastodóntico commercial center of more than 500,000 square meters of extension (the largest in the world) with more than 1,200 stores inside; in addition to activities, events, exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, ice rink, aquarium and even a flight simulator in a cabin of the gigantic Airbus A380 … Dubai is no longer just a city in the middle of the desert.


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