Online Degree Master of Business Administration

MBA Online Degree

Online Degree: Post your leadership position with the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Online Degree program at Benedictine University, an institution founded and regionally accredited with over 130 years of history and a tradition of academic excellence.

You will learn to guide organizations through the challenges of 21st-century management and to steer your career through market turmoil successfully, organizational changes, and global competition.

Choose your pace and format

Bénédictine offers two program tracks in one online degree M.B.A. Deliberately designed to adapt to the life of professionals:

  • An accelerated online program for Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) that lets you jump into the fast lane, take two courses at the same time and complete in one year
  • The traditional M.B.A. online degree program lasts less than two years

Choose the option that best suits you if you rank a University of Forbes among the best universities in the U.S. in 2018-2019. In addition to the traditional online and accelerated master programs, Benedictine also offers the master program on the Lisle, Illinois campus, and as a hybrid program.

Choose your area of ​​choice

Our M.B.A. online degree course offers six optional regions to choose from:

  • Marketing Management: Discover digital marketing, branding, advertising, public relations, and global markets. Get the tools to develop an integrated marketing strategy.
  • International business: As global companies grow internationally, you will learn how to do business with companies and people from other countries and cultures.
  • Finance: Learn how to analyze and interpret financial information from a management perspective, assess stability and profitability, and improve business performance.
  • Entrepreneurship: Learn to realize your dreams of a company with a solid understanding of strategy and practical learning under the direct supervision of your teacher.
  • Bookkeeping: Read bookkeeping theory and best practices to help organizations keep track of the precise accounting and financial reports.
  • Healthcare Administration: Applying the analytical and strategic capabilities of business administration to the ever-evolving and growing healthcare industry.

Find out about M.B.A.’s fully online degree curriculum, including elective courses for the six electives.

M.B.A. Admissions Requirements

The online application for M.B.A. requires the following:

  • Two letters of recommendation from your specialist references.
  • A resume with detailed information about your professional experience
  • A letter of intent that explains why you chose M.B.A. decided by Bénédictine

Read our application checklist to start with your M.B.A.

Program objectives

The Benedictine University M.B.A. online degree course offers you a variety of skills that you can use confidently at the company level. The goals of this program include the ability:

  • Define the concepts of supply and demand and understand their impact on consumer behavior and business decisions.
  • Assess the financial well-being of a modern company and analyze the company’s financial statements.
  • Knowledge of macro and microeconomic concepts and analysis tools to deal with economic problems and policies.
  • Describe the differences between management and leadership in sophisticated and contemporary organizations.
  • Build productive teams that work together and achieve great results.

Eliminate the Barriers Between You and Your Degree

Students can apply for the M.B.A online degree program at any time. If you have a university background in business, you can take up to four core subjects. If you meet these conditions and are still running today, your M.B.A.

M.B.A. Online Rankings

Benedictine University is continuously working on the quality and growth of the M.B.A.

  • Crain’s Chicago Business reported that M.B.A. Benedictine 2017 was the seventh-largest M.B.A. program in Chicago.
  • Online has ranked Benedictine University’s M.B.A. online degree program as one of the 50 best online degree programs in the country.
  • The U.S. News and World Report ranked Benedictine University among the top universities in 2019, with 16 academic-quality measurements taken.


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